Tumbleweed: Error installing i586 version on old hardware

Hi. I’m having issues with installing Tumbleweed i586 20201217 on one old NEC Versa E2000 laptop - i386 Celeron M. I have no issues with installing TW on QEMU/KVM VM or another old i386 laptop.

I get to the point in the install where it crashes out with a message -

setsid: failed to execute inst_setup: No such file or directory.

See screen shot here at https://paste.opensuse.org/43868717

Oddly enough I can boot into that same laptop with the TW USB stick via More > Boot Linux System.

I have searched around but can’t find an answer to why the setsid crashes and not sure where to look on the USB stick.

So -

  1. What does the crash mean and can it be fixed?
  2. is there some error log on the USB from a failed install. All I could do was photograph the monitor.
  3. As I can boot via Boot Linux System option of the USB iso can I install TW onto the laptop this way and if so how?


There should be icon on desktop which starts installer. It is the same installer that is used on NET images, you need network connection to Tumbleweed repositories.

If installation will be successful you need to open bug report.

I considered downloading the iso and testing for this. But since it works for you with KVM, it would likely work fine for me with KVM. I don’t have any old 32bit hardware.

You might want to look at this wiki page:
It suggests options such as “textmode=1” on the kernel command line for a textmode install, and some “addswap” options for adding swap if memory is limited.

Beyond that, then follow the suggestion of arvidjaar and file a bug report.

You may be disappointed.
TW 32-bit is “i586” for a reason… optimized to the i586 architecture which doesn’t necessarily mean no support, but would mean even if you were able to get it to load, be prepared for a very poor experience. Installing on i386 is a YMMV, you’re encouraged to try but there is no guarantee.

Also, the following HCL:Hardware page has a special search box to query for hardware and names of machines known to be supported. I tried both your model and CPU and turned up no results.


Somewhere I think I remember Puppy Linux might run on i386.

Good luck,

Thinking about your situation a bit more,
It might be important to determine exactly what hardware wasn’t detected during your install (Note the error in your “Loading installation system 2/2”
Inspect your yast installation logs to identify exactly what failed.
The following describes where the logs are located and how to collect what you need.

In fact, the “SDB installation with little memory” reference might have your solution at the bottom of the page… your hard drive might need to be identified differently.


I assume those logs are located on the install USB stick at /var/log/YAST2?

This desktop installer only appears on the i686 LiveCD images not the i586 images. That is odd because the download page for the LiveCD states -
[INDENT=2]Please be aware of the following limitations of the live images:

  • [INDENT=2]They should not be used to install or upgrade Tumbleweed. Please use the Tumbleweed media instead[/INDENT]

I installed TW to a 700MHz Pentium III Coppermine a month ago in order to deal with a thread here and resulting bug report. Method was NET, downloading only linux and initrd and loading them with Grub. Same HDD used with a 600MHz Pentium III Katmai is also working OK as of 20201217. TW is working OK for me on several newer Intel 32bit PCs. Celerons, M or otherwise, I don’t have.


Thanks nricket, it was a memory issue as the NEC has only ~500MB RAM. I followed the document you quoted and now have TW installed. :slight_smile:

Runs slow under XFCE but makes a nice internet radio player so no throwing this hardware to the tip.

I’m glad you were able to get it installed. And thanks for reporting back.