Tumbleweed Code::Blocks not responding

So I was using Leap 42.1 and Codeblocks runs good.

Yesterday I thought why not try Tumbleweed, after zypper dup, codeblocks stop working.

then i try to reinstall codeblocks with the one from software.opensuse.org for tumbleweed, wired thing happened that it opens but as soon as i start typing it freeze

so I did a tumbleweed fresh install thought there could be some conflicts caused by updating from leap,

then i tried install from software.opensuse.org for tumbleweed, it didn’t work. and i tried to install the one for leap 42.1, not work neither,

is it just me or a bug?(I am going back to leap tho)

what happened: when i click on the icon codeblockes is shown in task bar and has a circle going round, then about 10 seconds later, task bar icon just disappears and nothing happens.

thank y’all!:):):slight_smile: