Tumbleweed and xfce4 opening screen problem

3 days ago, I started my laptop after upgrading tumbleweed via zypper the night before. The xfce4 desktop looked a mess!
I deleted my .config/xfce4 folder and tried again, but it didn’t help.
Any ideas how to fix?
Here is how the desktop looked:https://i.postimg.cc/G3kYkGPB/xfce4-tumbleweed.jpg](https://postimg.cc/jCSLTWFK)
oh, I noticed when tapping ctrl/alt/ F1, very briefly, the screen would look normal just as changing to the console screen.

I installed fluxbox, icewm, and cinnamon and they all work properly.
Just something specific to xfce4 and an upgrade from the week of 4-13-20