Tumbleweed 4.12.8-1 broke mozilla

I updated my 3 machines, all running Tumbleweed, to 4.12.8-1 yesterday. Firefox and Seamonkey are being updated automatically to the latest version via Mozilla repository.
After update all 3 machines started to have problems while using either Firefox and Seamonkey. Problem for both browsers is the same: scripts on many pages (for example, Yahoo) make brossers slow, with eventually showing error about scripts (stop, wait, debug) or make browsers unresponsive completely. Looks like problem for Seamonkey is worse than for Firefox. There is no such problem with Chrome.

I searched for “scripts unresponsive issues with Firefox”, and tried a few fixes offered, but nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

updated automatically to the latest version via Mozilla repository

Do the Version from the OSS Repo work?

Thanks for a tip. I haven’t tried those, but I will and report back.

I tried it. No difference, the same problem.:frowning:

I don’t have such issue, running FF 55 from Mozillas repo.

cat /etc/os-release 
NAME="openSUSE Tumbleweed"
# VERSION="20170825"

Have you tried running it with a new profile and see if that is the issue?

firefox -no-remote -P "test"


there has been a big code update in both FF55 and SM2.48 a lot of the older addons are having issues this sounds like either a bad profile or a bad addon I’d say try running FF in safe mode hit the 3 horizontal lines -> the ? button -> then restart with addons disabled

firefox -no-remote -P "test"

I tried but it didn’t make any difference

Tried. Didn’t help.
I am going to reinstall systems completely, one by one. All my machines are running syncthing, so backup for personal files is not an issue.

BTW, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi don’t have this problem, only Firefox and Seamonkey (my favorite).

Thanks to everyone for your help!

BTW, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi don’t have this problem, only Firefox and Seamonkey (my favorite).

After Vivaldi, it beats me why anyone would ever look at any other browser again. It’s always interesting to me how varied different people’s tastes & preferences are.

2 reasons Vivaldi is not open sourced so you can’t be sure how secure it is do they do data mining and even tho it’s chromium based and it’s supposed to support chromium addons a lot of addons just don’t work (check the vivaldi forums)
if you want to use a chromium based browser use chromium at least it’s open sourced

As a general statement i emphatically support & prefer FOSS over proprietary closed-source software. That said, i also do not believe in cutting off my nose to spite my face, ie, i am willing to consider potential case by case individual exceptions. Primary of these for me is Vivaldi. My reasons for being an enthusiastic user of it include:

  1. Founded & owned by the co-founders of Opera Presto.
  2. Pre-eminent user customisability & configurability. There is nothing else like it already, with much more still coming.
  3. Compatibility with Chrome Extensions. Yes some don’t work yet, but a large number do. I have 22 installed, & i actively use 16. Over time, the number of extensions i need shrinks, as more & more such functions become incorporated into the base code.
  4. Security & Privacy. I offer you these links, with some text extracts fyi:


At Vivaldi Technologies AS (“Vivaldi”), protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities. We strictly protect the security of your personal information within Vivaldi’s websites. We do not share or sell your data with any third parties and protect user data from disclosure, with exceptions only requested by law or court order.


No, we do not share any data with Google knowingly (except for search and search suggestions). We use the Chromium code base and there are some “call home” for various things there, but we believe we have plugged all those holes. If we missed something, it would be a bug.

Your browsing history such as visited URLs, typed search keywords and downloaded content are stored in your client profile and only accessible by your own action. Vivaldi AS has no access to this data. Your history cannot be shared unless it is by your own action.


Here is Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi’s CEO, on the subject.

As long as you know where it’s located on your system, and as long as you know CSS and Javascript, there’s nothing stopping you from reading and modifying the source as you see fit. Not only is it possible, but there’s a subforum on the official Vivaldi forums for user modifications, and people are making modifications all the time.

I would not use any software no matter how great its features, if i harboured serious doubts as to my data integrity &/or privacy. Vivaldi’s ownership pedigree, & its specific policies on user privacy & code accessibility] entirely assuaged any concerns i had, some years ago. I am hence a very pleased Vivaldi browser user; its outstanding capabilities manifestly assist my daily workflow.

It was for these reasons i wrote what i wrote in my earlier post.

it’s not an open sourced browser their EULA’s and cross my hearts are meaningless untill they show us (the community) their code
a simple chrome addon which works with every chrome based browser
does not work with vivaldi (I don’t like vp8)
ps vivaldi has nothing to do with mozilla or the latest -o3 optimization which broke it on TW