tumbleweed 32bit no mozilla firefox in repositories

Very strange. Installing tumbleweed 32 bit from iso on download.opensuse.org

booting, loading yast and uninstall firefox. Yast and trying to install the firefox. But! We cant find it! On repositories i cant find firefox.

So it is exist only in system in a file tumbleweed…iso, but no in repositories. Why? And where i may get last firefox on tumbleweed32bit from repositories?


Something has gone wrong, from what I can see. The buildservice indicates that the package was built, but when trying to download it I too get Object not found. Please report a bug against Tumbleweed at bugzilla.opensuse.org

Yes, the package is missing in the repo. I looked with a web browser.

Maybe it just failed to build (on 32bit), wouldn’t be the first time.

The current state is “succeeded” so I would expect it to be in the next snapshot.
Unless it is explicitly being filtered out for some reason. I see that it’s only available for i686 (not i586), maybe that causes a problem in the publishing process… :\

You probably could install it from the mozilla repo for now.

Although, that may be a more general problem.

I got “Object not found” as well when I tried to download the latest Tumbleweed ISOs earlier today… (I got them directly from a mirror then, but Firefox 32-bit is missing on that mirror too)

Maybe the problem is just that a new snapshot is currently being published (but isn’t finished yet), so might resolve itself over time, that’s just guessing though.

PS: the 32bit package failed to build quite often recently, see here:
(actually it constantly failed to build since October 26th, with only one exception on Nov. 18th…)

So that’s probably the more likely reason.

But again, I would expect it to be available again in the next snapshot (unless something else is wrong).

Regarding the build failures: IIRC, the problem is that the 32bit build runs/ran out of memory quite often, because 32bit only supports 4 GiB of RAM (yes, there’s PAE, but that doesn’t help with the maximum RAM one process can address).

So where can I download the packages from which it is built?

Which FF are you looking for? Latest (57+) require latest rust, which IIRC is a known problem for 32-bit, will kill 56+ 32-bit soon, if it hasn’t already. ESR 52 is in the Mozilla TW BS repo.

From build.opensuse.org (you have to login to download packages, the same username/password as here should work though I think)

Or just add the mozilla repo as suggested (see a previous post for the link, you can also download it there manually without logging in anywhere, it’s in the i686 folder).

Yes, but openSUSE’s Firefox 57 (and 58) is being built successfully for 32bit/i686 as mentioned, in Factory and the mozilla repo.

Upstream doesn’t provide 32bit builds anymore for a while AFAIK (of the non-ESR version at least).

wget https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/i686/MozillaFirefox-58.0.1-2.5.i686.rpm works for me.