Tubmlewwed too much time is required for shutdown and reboot

Since switching from 13.2 to Tumbleweed (Gnome) I’m experiencing too much time required for shutdown and restart the computer. After shutdowning the screen becomes black but until the power led is turned off at least 2 minutes are required. The notebook is a Vaio Pro 13. I think It may be because of the kernel switch from 3.16 (on 13.2) to 3.19 (on tumbleweed). Am I right? What do you suggest ?

Hi vixxo, everything normal here with Tumbleweed 20150407, but…
kernel 3.19.3-1 had problems with the Intel graphics driver (see bug925946)
apparmor was not started properly (see bug924830 and comment#3 of bug925946)
Maybe your system is affected by one of those, use the latest kernel from the Kernel:stable repo if you can’t wait.

Thank you Orsobruno I am affected by both of them! In particular the problem with the too much time for poweroff is the Intel one, while apparmor gives an error on startup.
Will they be corrected soon ?

Thanks a lot !

A new kernel is in its way to tumbleweed, maybe in a few days once it clears the OpenQA tests.
For Systemd I don’t know, but the remedy from comment#3 of bug925946 is straightforward…