tsclient-applet missing

I am migrating from Ubuntu to openSUSE 11.1 (gnome) and I don’t seem to have tsclient-applet in my “Add to Panel” list. I am referring to a gnome panel applet that acts as a connection picker for rdp files with tsclient. I have tsclient 2.0.2-2.29.1 and tsclient-devel installed. Any suggestions? Thank you.

I use Gnome-RDP. Does what I need it to.

I am sure it does :slight_smile: so does tsclient. What I am trying to figure out is what could cause tsclient-applet (panel applet) for tsclient to disappear from the list. Thanks.

Hunt it down in the menu of apps and add it to the panel from there. That works in KDE – don’t know about Gnome – what are you using?