trying to setup nfs

i am trying to get nfs working but dispite following the guide from NFS - openSUSE but dispite it i cant mount my share i have setup i had this working in fedora 12 server and also had issues getting this ssetup (i switched due to lack of community support after several posts going completely unanswered) the nfs config utility in yast wont detect the server when i click the choose button but if i type in the ip and click the remote directory button i get a blank exported directorys menu where i am sure i have it in the exports file in /etc/exports though i do have one question regarding nfs shares is it possible to restrict a share to a specific user rather then just hosts?

nvm i figured it out. anyways is it possible to restrict access to a nfs share to a single user?

Once a nfs is mounted it part of the complete unified directory tree of your system. And access is ruled by the same rules as all other files/directories.

What matters is of course the ownership and access bits of the directory where you are going to mount. So when piet (invented username) has all his videos on it and wants to have it mounted on /home/piet/videos, let him make that directory. As a result he will be the owner, and his group will be attached. Access bits are also his responsability (of course you can also create for him as root and do chown, etc.).

The second thing is the owner/group (there may be more) of all the directories/files exported. When piet is also registered as a user on the server system that would be best. But one thing is very important here. Not the usename and groupname of piet on both systems are decisive. It ar the userid and groupid (the numbers). E.g. when a file on the server has username klaas with userid 600 as owner and piet on the client system has the same userid 600, you have a security problem.