Trying to run the KDE 3.5 environment with no KDE 4 apps


I’m very new to openSUSE. I’m learning how to work with the repositories.

I’m interested in running a KDE 3.5 openSUSE 11.1 system. So, I installed openSUSE 11.1 and selected to install the KDE 3.5 desktop.

After installation gwenview Version 1.4.2 was installed. It was the version for KDE 3.5.

Today, after adding additional software to the system I realized that gwenview was replaced with the KDE 4.x version named, “kde4-gwenview”, Version: 4.1.3-4.7.
Now I do admit that I may have missed the fact that “kde4-gwenview” was going to be installed as a requirement of another package. But, I did not knowingly click “kde4-gwenview” for installation by itself.

I thought that by setting my repositories for KDE 3.5 that I would be shielded from the KDE 4.x applications.
My repositories are set for KDE 3.5:

  1. openSUSE BuildService - KDE:Community
    URL: Index of /repositories/KDE:/Community/openSUSE_11.1

  2. openSUSE BuildService - KDE:Backports
    URL: Index of /repositories/KDE:/Backports/openSUSE_11.1

  3. KDE Core Packages
    URL: Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.1

I have added the Community Repositories. But I made sure not to have the ones for KDE 4.1.4, KDE 4.2 or KDE 4.3.

I really thought only KDE 3.5 applications would be installed. If running a pure KDE 3.5 environment is not possible please let me know. If you have a link or hint or can point me in the direction where I can learn the correct way to keep a 3.5 only environment I’d appreciate that, too.

Thank you.

If I’m right with a newly installed KDE 3.5 environment the only KDE4 related program is the opensuseupdater-kde (an the kde4 library dependencies for the updater.). So if you don’t want to use the updater applet, then you can remove the kde4 libraries and the updater.

Thank you for your help.

openSUSE allows users to select a desktop environment during installation. GNOME, KDE 4, KDE 3, and others.

I selected KDE 3 specifically to avoid KDE 4 at this point in time.

That’s why I was surprised and thought I did something wrong when I found that KDE 4 programs were installed.

If I had wanted KDE 4 I would have selected it during installation. Or, I would have added the appropriate KDE 4 repositories.

I assume I’m missing a piece of the puzzle as I’m not a programmer nor developer. I installed KDE 3.5 and got KDE 4, too.

It may be the repositories priority settings that is causing the issue.
You may want to move the KDE ones so they are before the oss
repository which is probably where the KDE4 one came from.

What do you get from the cli command;

zypper se -i |grep kde4

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Hi, Here’s the output

i | kde4-filesystem                               | KDE4 Directory Layout                                                 | package
i | kde4-kdm                                      | KDE login and display manager                                         | package
i | kde4-kdm-branding-openSUSE                    | KDE login and display manager                                         | package
i | kde4-kgreeter-plugins                         | The KDE Greeter Plugin Components                                     | package
i | kde4-kmahjongg                                | Mahjongg game                                                         | package
i | kde4-kmines                                   | Minesweeper-like game                                                 | package
i | kde4-kpat                                     | Patience card game                                                    | package
i | kde4-krdc                                     | Remote Desktop Connection                                             | package
i | kde4-kreversi                                 | Reversi board game                                                    | package
i | kde4-krfb                                     | Desktop Sharing                                                       | package
i | kde4-ksudoku                                  | Generate and Solve Sudoku Puzzles in 2D or 3D                         | package
i | kde4-kupdateapplet                            | openSUSE System Updater Applet (KDE4)                                 | package
i | kde4-kupdateapplet-packagekit                 | packagekit plugin for KDE updater applet                              | package
i | kde4_basis_opt                                | KDE4 Base System                                                      | pattern
i | kde4_games                                    | KDE4 Games                                                            | pattern
i | kde4_laptop                                   | KDE Laptop                                                            | pattern
i | kde4_office                                   | KDE Office                                                            | pattern
i | kde4_office_opt                               | KDE Office                                                            | pattern
i | libkde4                                       | KDE Base Libraries                                                    | package
i | sw_management_kde4                            | Package Management - Graphical Tools for KDE                          | pattern

Quite a list… maybe another kde user can advise if they have similar?
Else I would slowly work through each package and remove and replace
with the kde3 version. Then change the priority of your repositories so
the oss and non-oss are lower (higher number) with respect to your
specific kde3 ones.

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Although you may have selected KDE3 as the desktop environment you wanted, the default install is not only KDE3 apps. openSUSE generally installs what the developers consider “best of breed” regardless of your choice. For example, had you chosen KDE4 at install time…you would have some KDE3 apps installed by default (such as Amarok & ironically - Digikam). Both KDE choices also come with some GTK/Gnome dependencies.

Even with the KDE3 repositories you added, KDE4 is in the main OSS repo. So the only way to guarantee no KDE4 bits are downloaded in the future is to disable that repo (which will also cut you off from a lot of other software you may want down the line). Still, a few KDE4 programs inside your KDE3 won’t hurt you or your computer. It’s really no different from running Firefox, OpenOffice or the GIMP in KDE3. Even if you dislike the Gnome DE, that’s no reason to automatically disregard all Gnome apps or their merits - the same is true for KDE4 and its apps.

Still, a few KDE4 programs inside your KDE3 won’t hurt you or your computer. It’s really no different from running Firefox, OpenOffice or the GIMP in KDE3.

I had thought a mix of KDE 3 and KDE 4 would cause problems. So, thank you for the explanation. I’m going to keep things as is; a mix of KDE 3 and KDE 4 and Evolution :slight_smile: