Trying to play a DVD in Kaffiene

Hi, I downloaded the one click codecs installer for KDE however when I try to play a DVD nothing happens, I don’t get any error just nothing happens.

Any ideas?

It would be nice if you started a question for technical hellp with at least telling which version of openSUSE you use.

Sorry, I just assumed people would assume I’m using the latest version. 13.1.

Edit: I also seem to have libdvdcss and libdvdread. They have a green tick in YasT. I also hae the packman repository.

Starting at the beginning, are you sure the DVD is being detected? Do you get a notification when you insert the DVD?

I think it wasn’t working because my sound wasn’t working. Since rebooting my sound works (for now lol) and the DVD plays, so I guess all I really needed were those one-click codecs (and sound).

Does that sound plausible? That it wasn’t working because the sound wasn’t working?

Just in case anyone else has this problem I’ll say how I fixed it. I had to go into YasT and install libdvdread3. I tested this one two computers and it definitely is the problem. Install it and DVD’s work fine.