Trying to modify mouse speed and acceleration

Hi, could someone tell me please how to slow my mouse pointer down a bit? And how do I disable mouse acceleration, in the mouse settings it won’t let me lower it below 1.9.


I guess that’s related to your monitor’s wrong reported display size.
If you can fix that, the mouse should move slower.

I just tried that monitor.conf file I suggested and it doesn’t work here either.
I will have to do some experimentation, but I don’t have much time today, so this will have to wait until tomorrow evening or Monday from my side.

Maybe someone else has an idea though.

This has to be done for the monitor.conf to be used:

I added it to that other thread, since all the rest was over there already.

As I said, I think setting the display size correctly will slow down your mouse to sane speeds.

Isn’t there any way to just disable acceleration? And can’t I just lower the sensitivity?

Yes, there is, see “man xorg.conf”, especially the options “AccelerationProfile”, “ConstantDeceleration”, and “AccelerationScheme” sound promising.
Those would have to be added to an “InputClass” section.
And I have no idea about the sensitivity.

Anyway, IMHO it would be better to fix the underlying problem, i.e. the wrong display size, as that should fix all possible issues then.

I’d just like a fall back option in case I can’t get the display size fixed.

Also I absolutely hate acceleration, it should NEVER be enabled, no matter what (IMO). So I would definitely like to disable that regardless.

But you should be able to disable the acceleration in KDE’s settings (Input Devices->Mouse->Advanced).
I can change it to 1.0x just fine there, and the setting does have the expected effect.

Or you could of course also raise the threshold value, but the maximum is 20 pixel apparently, so that won’t really help you I guess.

That made my mouse move perfectly :slight_smile: Problem solved, thanks!