Trying to make bootable USB from Net-install ISO

I’m following these steps (on Windows) in order to make a bootable USB from a Network-install ISO, however each time I use SUSE ImageWriter it says it succeeded writting the ISO into the USB, but the truth is the USB always becomes unformated, with 0 Kb, and obviously doesn’t boot.
Why is it that ImageWriter always fails? Is it no more functional? I’m trying with a 2 Gb Kingston by default formated as FAT32.

Respect to the Linux instructions, I haven’t tried them yet, but I don’t understand what “Once completed just follow Step 2 above” means after installing Syslinux and running isohybrid. Can you help me?

@Caf4926: I didn’t mean to be rude/insistent in the previous Net ISO thread. I apologize for that.

No problem…

Did you try dd ?

Thanks, mr. Caf. Er, he… my bad. I hadn’t copied the right “isohybrid” file into the iso’s directory. I did it right this time and booted from the USB! I’m now trying the factory Net ISO build 1083. I may post later here if there’re still problems.

Respect to dd, no, I haven’t tried yet. Since I don’t have the openSUSE rig here right now, I’m trying to do everything under XP, and anyway I get confused at the part when identifying the USB device (on Linux is “sdb” and stuff, and on Windows… would it be the letter?).

Tried with this Build1083, SAME problem: “the repositories don’t exist”. #opensuse-factory must be contacted…
Is there by chance a way to go through that “manual installation” that pops out after the error?
I doubt I had a USB mistake, after booting I changed install source to Hard Disk with all fields in blank and typed “namescheme=by-label” in Installation’s boot options.

Tell me again, why it is you need to use the NET installer. Is your USB device not big enough for the LIVE CD?

Call me a kiddy, freaky, if you want, but I really wanted to try the Net installation. Besides I haven’t tried yet to install from the Live CD (actually first time I know openSUSE can be installed from Live). But I don’t know yet how does Live installs. IIRC Net installation downloads kernel and all necessary packages from remote repositories, and then installs like the full DVD. Since Live is only KDE or Gnome, I wonder if it full installs anyway…

Correct. The Live CD gives you the basic installation for kde or gnome (whatever the live cd is). Post install.
Once you run software manager to add packages, it will automatically pull in loads of stuff.

Yes the NET installer can pull in all you want at time of install, like the dvd.

Then just 2 questions:
Does the Live CD lack some basic apps/packages that the DVD does install? For example, Office, Amarok, Kaffeine or other basic ones? When installing openSUSE I usually add Packman, KDE, Mozilla and Nvidia/ATI repos if these ones apply.
Does the Net installer really downloads the entire >4 Gb the DVD contains?

Not the NET installer does not download the entire 4.7GB!
The DVD installing say KDE and a KDE Live CD will both provide a working desktop, but the DVD installs about 2.5 GB. The DVD does install more packages and you can choose to add more at the install summary. The CD gives you what you get, the final install volume, I am not sure of.

So yes the CD does lack stuff, but what I can’t say.
And FYI, Packman is going to be down for a week or so!