Trying to install Scite 4.3.3 from experimental


I was trying to install a recent version of the Scite editor through the experimental packages, but I got the following error:

Nothing provides (GLIBC_2.29)(64bit) needed by scite-4.3.3
Conflict resolution:
1: do not install scite
2: break by ignorig dependencies

From what I can tell here, I will not be able to use this version without upgrading to a newer system (which is not available yet), or choose f.e. Tumbleweed?
Am I correct, or is there another way to install it?


Your installing the wrong version from the Editors repository for Leap 15.2…

zypper in

How could I have missed that!

Thank you malcolmlewis :wink:

It happens :slight_smile: Enjoy!