trying to get stepmania 3.95 to work

ok this is what i have done.

run Windows XP

Download stepmania 3.95 linux
winrar open it up
move the folder to the desktop

run openSUSE

i cut the folder and move it to linux.
everything seem to be in there.
i try to open Stepmania. but it ask me to open with a program.

this guy tell me to do this but im just very :confused:
chmod the stepmania program file
so something like

chmod u+x stepmania

then do

./stepmania or something similar

can you guys help me with this???
yes, there a stepmania for linux
using openSUSE 11.0 KDE4.0

Do you have a program to run .exe files?

If you do not have a program, such as Wine to run .exe files, none of the files can be installed and therefore run. If you don’t already have one, Wine is a good place to start. To install it, refer to this page to find a repository that suits your version. Once you add the repository, open YaST Package Manager and install wine. Now that you have Wine installed, open a terminal window and issue the command…

wine start /path/to/the.exe

That will run the file as it would in Windows.

Also refer to the Wine Application Database to find useful information on programs you can install with Wine.