Trying to get

Hi there guys.

I’m trying to install the latest version of mysql-workbench which I have found in factory repo for a manual rpm download (64 bit). I’m not sure if it would be able to run but once I try Yast tell me that “” is needed but can’t be found. All I have is and I’m not sure if a libctemplate symlink would make the work or not.

By the way I’m working with 12.2 with stable repos only.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, try RPM resource or RPM DEB Download. HTH Lenwolf

Thanks I’ll try that!

Tell us how it goes… Lenwolf

Why don’t you add this repo and get latest version of workbench
Factory is generally not tested

using rpm.pbonenet you can check for dependant packages and download them too

There are other several packages I need to install and one of them is sqlite3. Is it safe to install version 3 if openSUSE 12.2 is currently working with v2? I don’t really know what processes are using it so I’d ask before.

If you want to be really safe ,add the community repos through YaST,leave out the factory ,debug repos and then after configuring repos you add any package from YaST
You can easily install sqlite3 using YaST/zypper with community repos configured.
Note:- Sometimes you may need to use some grey matter to resolve conflict / dependency issues. Don’t experiment too much. Come back to the forums with questions :slight_smile: