Trying to get Bluetooth to work.

openSuse 13.1
KDE 4.11.5

And I posted in the wireless forum however from what I have read, and please correct me if I got it wrong,
I think that I would have a better chance of BT working if I were to switch the desktop to Gnome rather that KDE.
Or failing that, what combination of 13.1 and desktop environment would allow BT to work ?

Am I reading that correctly ?

However, I did try one recommendation which was to install the Gnome-Base and that made no difference in being able to discover devices.

Specifically, the device is a BT headset.


No, I don’t think so.

KDE and GNOME use the same bluetooth stack below, namely libbluez, and the same drivers anyway.

What could help though is to upgrade bluedevil (KDE’s bluetooth component) and libbluedevil to the versions from the [noparse]KDE:Extra[/noparse] repo. The version shipped with 13.1 was not ready yet and has problems, the newer one from that repo should work better.