Trying to Dual Boot Windows 7 and OpenSUSE 11.3

Hey, So My University Lecturer gave us all a copy of OpenSUSE 11.3 as part of an assignment, which required us to Install OpenSUSE Then send him a screenshot of OpenOffice open, with some stuff in a readable font/size. This itself wasn’t too hard, And it’s all done. The only problem was, when I went to reboot and go back into Windows 7, I discovered I can’t. I have two options, besides OpenSUSE and Failsafe OpenSUSE, Windows 1 and Windows 2. If I attempt to run the windows 2 option, it seems to run fine and like win7 should boot, then states that NTLDR is Missing. Trying to run windows 1 brings me to a late 80’s early 90’s style screen, with some linux version name or something up the top, starting with >>>Linuxrc, (or something along those lines, I’m not at the computer at the moment) And it’s got some stuff about repairing/installing that I haven’t tried for fear of accidentally ruining my computer. Is there any way to let me boot back into Windows, since I’m likely going to uninstall OpenSUSE soon, I’ve already got another computer with Fedora that I’ve been using for my Linux Needs. I installed OpenSUSE Onto an entirely separate HDD if that helps, one that shouldn’t have had anything on it besides maybe a file or two that would’e been wiped when OpenSUSE installed.

From what I’ve read briefly, it’s because I didn’t properly check some stuff when I first installed. Something about enabling and Disabling under the boot options at the end of the install. So, Is there anyway to get my windows back, or am I going to have to do a clean install, since I don’t have a “repair disk”. I should be fine If it comes to that, since anything important like assignments were and are backed up, but that’s still a lot of meaningless stuff that will be annoying to get back.

TL;DR Installed OpenSUSE on an entirely different HDD to Windows, cannot boot back to windows, Is there anyway to boot back to windows.

Cheers in advance.

11.3 is no longer supported FYI

You probably just need to use your windows dvd to repair the MBR

Win7 Boot repair:
Boot off the windows 7 installation DVD
Proceed to the screen “Windows 7 / Install Now” BUT DO NOT click to install
Select to “Repair your computer”
Select/put the radio button/dot next to “Use recovery tools that can help fix problems” → Next
Select “command prompt”
enter this command: Bootrec.exe /FixBoot
enter this command: Bootrec.exe /FixMbr
enter this command: exit
Click to Restart

Thanks for the help, Everythings fine now, And we had no choice in the OS, were given a disk with OpenSUSE 11.3 on it and told to install it.


I tend not to do everything I’m asked. One should employ the ‘Little Grey Cells’ before embarking on a mission with unknown consequences on a mission critical system.

Any Lecturer worth his salt wouldn’t be handing out redundant / unsupported OS to students with limited understanding of the whole installation process.

redundant / unsupported OS
Though this in itself has nothing to do with your initial problem.