Trying to configure headphones with mic

I have a set of koss headphones with a mic, CS100-USB, I get sound outt ofg them via listening to music but can’t get the mic to produce sound, on the other end of a call or recording viaa webcam app, tried audacity no sound, I had one setting where I could hear the mic in my headphones so the mic works, I’m not configuring correctly. Leap isvery confusing when it comes to setting up hardware between the multimedia settings then the sound settings in YaST, I’m all out of wack…

Wow, finally figured it out…I don’t know what the YaST sound control even does except mess everything up…But in Multimedia settings I was able to figure out, from researching old threads on this subject that other
USB devices were fighting for the right to control the mic. So
I disable the profiles for my motherboard sound, and my video card sound , that used to interfere with my speakers, even though nothing was ever hooked up to my video card, another hint that brought me to profiles. Anyway disabling all profiles except for the head phones allows my headphones and mic to work making and receiving calls from Google Fi. Also able to listen to Chrome playback, and music from Clementine. So all is well once again with my leap setup…

For a Justme, the YaST settings panel is more of a confusing burden than anything else. Don’t know why there is repetitive sound settings…I’m probably just not getting it but I’m still trying…

I think it would make sense to issue a warning if the user is using KDE/GNOME and thereby pulseaudio. Yast sound settings does not mix well with pulseaudio. That approach would be similar to what they do about Network settings + networkmanager, here you get a warning as well if you try to make changes and network is configured by nm.

I think it would be worthwhile opening a bug on this on bugzilla for the yast maintainers.


Theer are all sorts of sound channels in and out. And using pavucontrol you can totally control what channel come and goes where for each app. It it the difference between a simple stereo and a mixing board

I’m no developer - just a user. But my experience on 4 different PCs running Leap is that YaST works ok with Pulse. Hence any problem you encountered may be just hardware specific and inaccurate to broadly paint YaST with such an assessment. As noted - with pavucontrol one can precisely tune pulse for one’s app and hardware in many cases. YaST does not prevent that.

Out of curiosity, what sort of GNU/Linux app does the hardware supplier of your audio hardware supplier provide to tune their hardware with GNU/Linux ?

…and to add to oldcpu’s comments, the YaST sound utility is for configuration of the hardware driver(s), nothing more. In many cases, it is not required in order to have sound. I haven’t had to use it for several years. However, where users have more than one sound device present (or exotic hardware perhaps), YaST does not always get things right, but that’s where manual configuration may be needed. PA sits higher up in the sound system stack, and it can be configured to cater to specific sources (inputs) and sinks (outputs). That’s where the graphical pavucontrol utility can be useful.