Trying to build iio-sensor-proxy

I’m trying to build new version (3.3) of iio-sensor-proxy … and this is my first attempt at using openbuild service.

I’ve copied spec file for the official iio-sensor-proxy package, which currently sits at 3.1. Created a project, uploaded the files (including tarball) . I’ve modified 3 lines of the spec file:

Version:        3.3
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gudev-1.0) >= 237
BuildRequires:  cmake

The gudev has been bumped to 237 from 234 as after first attempt I found meson complaining that it needs at least 237.
And this is where the issue lies. In official repos there’s only 234. I found 237 in experimental repos. How can I use it to build via OBS?

Normally I’d skip it, but I’d love to try updating iio-sensor-proxy as currently screen rotation does not work on my machine and the package dev pointed me towards updating to the latest version.

Will be moved to Open Build Service (OBS)

You need to branch the package (not create) to update properly so it will use the required development repository packages etc…

@malcolmlewis : thx for replying. So if I get it right:

  1. I should go to :

and click branch.

  1. Delete tarball and spec

  2. Upload mine

What next?

Tried that and still I get unresolvable error due to gudev 237 not being available in main repos, it is in experimental.

Sorry, it is my first time with OBS and I don’t know a **** about building other than following tuts / readmes.

edit and how do I find the branch I made later on?

Wrong place… The development project…

But you will need to wait until libgudev gets into Factory… it’s waiting for review…

I think I managed to do it. The thing that has taken me the most time was finding where to click to get the packages that were built :smiley: .
Hope that I did it correctly - if you have any suggestions let me know as I’d love to solve package issues this way in the future.

I’ve installed those new rpms and that fixed the problems with my Thinkpad Yoga gen1. It works flawlessly now and I love it, I think I have near perfect laptop / tablet for learning :smiley: , this missing rotation feature will come super handy during lectures.

*** edit *** Malcolm , are there any noob friendly tuts on the matter, so I’d use correct repo to branch next time?

Have a look here: Category:Build Service - openSUSE Wiki