Trying to build bluez 5.1: get a configure error

checking sytemd system unit dir… configure: error: systemd system unit directory is required

Any idea on what I need to change?

There is a Open Build Service (OBS) forums fo these questions. Don’t know whether it is active :slight_smile:

I would run “configure --help” to find out how to pass systemd unit directory to it :slight_smile:

Below configuration option helps :wink:

./configure --disable-systemd

Did you manage to compile/build this package with systemd integrated?

It came close but I was missing some packages that needed to be packaged up internally. I got it to the point that if that was done it would work.

So just a packaging issue then?

I managed to build Bluez-5.5 with the standard complement of SUSE packages. But this package makes all the files in strangle/wrong places when installing on this system.

Can you shed some light on the precise problem you’re having?

Supported but a horrible idea. May be applicable to Debian.
Use systemd because it’s available and native. You have to be explicit in directory locations.

Here is the other thread:
I will post in there from here on.

It compiles now but I get this error and it makes it fail: (still need help to get it working on 64bit systems)
159s] I: Program returns random data in a function
159s] E: bluez no-return-in-nonvoid-function obexd/client/transfer.c:277
159s] E: bluez no-return-in-nonvoid-function obexd/src/manager.c:368

I have no idea why it should fail. I manually configured and used make on a 64bit system.

If I understand bluetooth correctly, obexd is a separate package but it is a dependency for bluez.