Trying to adjust partitions on new install

I have just downloaded OpenSuse as many Linux OS have failed on my new 64bit comp. Ok, yes I have downloaded OpenSuse 64bit to DVD and now am in the process of setting up. Now I didn’t like what the installation disk had setup and I have tried to reconfigure. Heres the list and why’s

sa1 48.82 HPFS/NTFS WinXP
sa3 20 F Linux Native Ext3 /
sa4 100.58 F Linux Native Ext3 /home
sa5 33.15 HPFS/NTFS Windows
sa6 2.01 F Linux SWAP Swap

Size of disk 232.89GB

I really don’t want to shrink the extended Windows partition on sa2 as that was what the installation was attempting. So I deleted that partition. I am a greedy software downloader and really wanted sa3 larger to accommodate this greed and home is not to important for personal files as I have a 500GB external drive. It would not allow me to increase (well not that I could see) the root from 20GB to increase it 50GB’s after decreasing the home. What would you suggest here please for this WinXP dual boot

Looking for a quick answer to get the thing on the road asap if possible please. And, am hoping this forum is as good and as helpful as some of the other forums. I have tried so many Linux/Unix OS with this comp its driving me nuts and would dearly love to have a stable Linux I could work on


When the installer first proposes partitioning, change it to ‘custom partition set up’ or something similar - I seem to remember it being at the top.

Then just mount /, home and swap where you want them, paying attention to what filesystem you format them as.

Thanks will have another go. I have also been busy re-distributing the empty part of the hard drive and allocated it already if that does not work then I will go to your plan. Hopefully I will be talking to you through Suse not Winxp. But, that depends on if it loads and there are not the problems I have had with other Linux/Unix OS. On the Gigabyte site it states that Linux has problems with my board I found out the other day, so this will be another interesting adventure



Maybe some things to help here:
HowTo Compilation - openSUSE Forums


I told it not to shrink my second windows partition by deleting the sa5 33.15 HPFS/NTFS Windows as it was showing the full sa2 63.48 NTFS EXT WINDOWS PARTITION, but by doing that it deleted the bloomin partition with all my software on it and I mean ALL my software as I keep C drive clear as much as pos. So I am REALLY PISSED OFF. Its not very user friendly when it gives you what it wants and you have to try and unravel it. I have limited understanding and it also SPLIT extended windows partition and now I have a choice unload Suse and TRY and redo it to MY way. Or just continue and use windows over three partitions!!! >:)>:(

This is unfortunate. All I can say is that if you try to modify the partition set up it gives you, you may end up with less control. If you pick ‘custom partition set-up’ or ‘create partition set up’ (I can’t remember, but it should be pretty obvious), you build it from scratch, and it won’t do anything you haven’t told it to.

I hope you manage to sort it out.

I too find the partitioner a bit awkward at times but I would be extremely confused and very annoyed if deleting a partition did not delete the partition.

Oh well, I suppose creating a partitioner that makes sense to people must be rather difficult.

Ahh well its cocked up my whole WinXP and won’t log on now to OpenSuse when after formated the two partitions. It won’t fix MBR and all the boot info has gone afetr trying o attempt to repair OpenSuse when it wouldn’t boot either Windows or Suse. I tried to repair Windows and thats lost, so now I am left with reloading WinXP, which I have just done in the last few days. All because Suse wanted to do what it wanted I wanted something different. It loaded the Swap in between an empty partition breaking up a set partition. I checked everything was in place before going ahead and re-checked and went ahead. I have to admit I was not happy at the time, but stupidly went ahead. How foolish I was. I saw the information I wanted ans wrote it down to ensure I was happy with the details and then followed through. I really feel its not my fault here and I had followed things through, its the Suse that has cocked it ALL up and having to repair afterwards put me in a quandary as then I was lost as it was asking for lost boot details. I tried to repair and asked for the help files which were to say brief and not helpful. I could not find the Windows boot it was lost. Tried to fix MBR and it couldn’t find it. Angry is an understatement. There should be a get out to reduce an existing Windows installation so as you would not get into these disasters. Fortunately I have not lost a lot of my details as I had backed up a lot on an external disk. But I hope it hasn’t cocked that up either as I think during trying to resolve my problems it was accessing those partitions. We will have to wait and see when I get things up and running

One pissed off Tony>:(

It is very confusing at first, and possible to do a lot of damage. You had the foresight to make a backup, so hopefully all will be ok. It will start to make sense once you’ve familiarised yourself with the tools - remember, it’s largely only confusing because Windows does these things silently and without offering you the option of changing things! Fortunately, you don’t normally have to it too often, but once you’ve figured it, it’s pretty straightforward.

Look at this way too. If you want to install windows on a Linux machine, you could get in to just as much mess.
Partitioning is not to be taken lightly, even us guru’s are ultra careful and make backups.
As has been said, little consolation that it is, the partitioner will only do what you tell it.

If your backups are on an external drive,i suggest you disconnect them before partitioning,as this willjust add to the confusion. When i do an install & set up custom partitioning, i always make sure my external peripherals are disconnected before commencing