Trying Plasma5

openSUSE 13.2 64bit KDE 4.14.9

I am quite happy with the way KDE4 runs on my current installation but curious to try Plasma5. I installed Tumbleweed on a separate drive to do that but ran into some problems. Understandable for a rolling distribution. I would like to try a more fullproof way of testing Plasma5. The KDE home page recommends trying the neon5-latest.iso available. Could someone comment on how that compares with installing Plasma5 under openSUSE?

Thanks in advance.

neon5-latest.iso is a LiveCD based on Kubuntu (but I think it’s installable too), and it contains the latest development snapshots AFAIK.
You could just as well try a Tumbleweed LiveCD.
What kind of problems did you have with Tumbleweed?

Installing Plasma5 in 13.2 is quite easy: just install the package “plasma5-session”, and choose “Plasma 5” on the login screen.
Installing it will remove the KDE4 desktop though, switching back should be as easy as installing “kdebase4-session” again instead.

That said, since about a year I provide a repo that contains Plasma5 packages (and a lot of KF5 based applications, most of which are not even released yet), that can be co-installed with “KDE4” (you might have read about it… :wink: ).
With those, you can keep using KDE4, and just log into Plasma5 when you feel like trying it out.
(I would recommend a separate user though, because Plasma5 will modify certain KDE4 settings too, like widget style and color scheme)

If you want to go that way, add the following 3 repos: (probably give this a higher priority, i.e. lower priority number, to make sure the packages are preferred)

Then install “plasma5-session”, and do a full switch to those repos to make sure that you don’t have incompatible packages installed.

If you have further questions/need help, feel free to ask.

As mentioned, my repo contains a lot of KF5 based applications too, but you have to install them manually. Just look in YaST’s Repository View what’s available.

Many thanks for the prompt response.

The Tumbleweed LiveCD sounds like the easiest solution with the greatest similarity with what I am using. I don’t care for Ubuntu. If I remember correctly my problems were with moc from the repositories and ted (text processor) not from the repositories. It was nothing serious and I thought I would try again later.

Plasma 5 appeared this morning as a recommended update for 13.2 via Apper’s desktop applet, but not installed here yet…

Plasma5 is included in 13.2 since that has been released.

The update today just updates Qt5, KF5, and Plasma5 in 13.2 to the latest versions.

And before somebody asks: NO, this update does not replace your KDE4 desktop.
The only reason why you even see it if you use KDE4, is that it also contains updated versions of susehelp (to use khelpcenter5 in a Plasma5 session) and cmake, and because of Qt5 of course which is used by YaST, so is installed on any 13.2 system.