Trying OBS to build cairo-dock

I followed the tutorial here:

and downloaded source code of cairo-dock here:

After using the web interface to build an rpm, the result is “broken”

I don’t see a detailed a log but only “broken” as the build result?

You need a .spec file that tells the system how to build it, how to install it and what files it encompasses - without one it’ll simply report it as broken.

For example this gent:
has a .spec file and other files in his home directory that are used to compile the final .rpm package. Download the .spec and examine how it works - you can use rpmbuild on your local machine to simulate the build before you move your final project to OBS.

OK. Thank you. I had a look at the content of that specfile and realized this type of thing is not for me.

I simply give up.

Luckily 3.3.2 is already pre-compiled for you by other people! :slight_smile: and click on “Show unstable packages” :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you start this thread in Development > Open Build Service (OBS)?

I was suggested not to install random guys package.

I guess I’ll just do the local “make install” thing.

Sorry I didn’t find that subforum. Move the thread if necessary.

It is your thread. I guess you want help as good and as soon as possible. IMHO one get the best help in the environment where the people using the same environment are lurking. It is not realy “necessary” to move the thread, it is only a service to you after several people found out you may not have done the celeverest thing in posting here.

This is CLOSED and will be moved to Open Build Service (OBS).

Moved and open again.

I have bookmarked the opensuse forum at “technical support”. So when I checked which section to post, I only found “application” section. While later you said there’s a development part, I saw it later. I never thought I’d have sth to do with development though.

I then apologized for my mistake.

However, I don’t know why you, as an administrator, assuming me this intention and that intention, use words like “cleverest”.

I heard that this forum’s administrator are only volunteers. And I also read, according to psychology science, normally people work as volunteer work more merrily than those who got paid.

I’ve seen many of your posts, either the science is wrong, or the premise that “someone is not paid” is not true. I sympathize the people that have to work on a job they don’t like though.

I think you’re reading too much into this: I personally think it’s just a case of when you’re really busy and have lots of people to help, one tends to try to get straight to the point and sometimes it looks like you’re being “too direct”.