Trying Live DVD, can additional drivers (wireless) be loaded?

I’m trying the Live DVD OpenSUSE 13.1 KDE on an older Toshiba Laptop with a built in Intel Pro 2200BG adaptor. The Intel site seemed to indicate it was supported in Linux, but the Live DVD doesn’t show it as a network adapter.

Is it possible to get the live DVD to load additional drivers, maybe off of a USB stick, while booting? (assuming I can find a compatible driver and the firmware etc etc)

I’m hoping that to save space on the Live DVD support for this admittedly older wireless adapter was removed.

Thanks, Cla.

PS I’ve been doing Computer Engineering and IT stuff for 30 years but for linux / drivers I’m basically a noob, so please be gentle :slight_smile:

Pretty hard to change a DVD but if you binary copy the iso on a USB stick that can be made to keep changes.

full instructions here

Or if you like a challenge you can make a custom version of openSUSE here and include just what you want