tryin to install putty (the famous ssh client - how!?

g day dear community!

I am using opensuse 11.4

I am tryin to install putty (the famous ssh client) - where can i get the repositories - how to proceed?

Well whats the fuss;: i want to replace the WinSCP. Well - to be honest: I guess that FileZilla, in my opinion, is the best (S)FTP client.

But wait: as far as I know there is no method for importing public SSH key in FileZilla (Howto - FileZilla Wiki).

what do you think !?

love to hear from you

I show that putty is in Packman. If you have not already done so, add the following repository, less the quotes “”:


open YaST (enter root user password) / Software / Software Repository / Add / URL and use address above then …

open YaST / Software / Software Management and search on putty. When found, check the install box and press the Accept bottom on the bottom right and allow it to be installed.

If you had not yet added in Packman, then I suggest you make a visit at the next link and do some reading. It can be helpful to any new users.

New User How To/FAQ (read only)

Thank You,

Putty is here;

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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hi there - good evening Malcom and James,

great to hear from you!!!

  • many thanks - i will install putty - many many thanks you both!!

greetings dilbertone!

@dilbertone: install ‘qputty’ at the same time, if you run KDE. It has a nice QT4 interface, like the rest of KDE.