Truncated "User Card" if displayed at screen top/bottom

Within a thread (topic) if one clicks on a user’s avatar when located near either top or bottom edge of the display the displayed “User Card” is truncated at either top or bottom as shown below.

Top of screen:

Bottom of screen:

I normally do CTRL click for that, which opens the full user information in a new tab.

But yes, if I only click without the CTRL and I’m at the top of the screen, I get a truncated output.

As it is at the moment it seems to position itself relative to the position of the avatar without regard for the position of the avatar on screen. I would expect it to be more dynamic in positioning itself with an appropriate offset to enable full display…

So if it disturbs your workflow if you need to scroll on a website: File an upstream bugreport at discourse.

And it was already reported several times

…and much more…

Well, I guess there’s no need…

I see the first of those reports you linked to is just over a year old (2021-12-10), so a low priority to fix I suspect.