Truncated passwords in 11.2

I have an OpenSuSE 11.2 setup, running LDAP as an authentication server and Samba as a PDC. When I go to add a user to LDAP in User and Group Administration it won’t let the password be longer than 8 characters. It says “The password is too long for the current encryption method. Truncate it to 8 characters?”

Under User and Group Administration under expert options it is set to MD5.

Under Local Security and Password Settings it is set to MD5

Samba is set to sync passwords and use the LDAP server as the authentication source.

Any ideas?

Here is my /etc/default/passwd:

This file contains some information for

the passwd (1) command and other tools

creating or modifying passwords.

Define default crypt hash. This hash will be

used, if there is no hash for a special service

the user is stored in.



Use another crypt hash for group passwords.

This is used by gpasswd, fallback is the CRYPT entry.


We can override the default for a special service

by appending the service name (FILES, YP, NISPLUS, LDAP)

for local files, use a more secure hash. We

don’t need to be portable here:


sometimes we need to specify special options for

a hash (variable is prepended by the name of the

crypt hash).


For NIS, we should always use DES:


Just an FYI the system is also running, NFS, FTP, Mail, SSH, DNS, DHCP, and Kerberos Servers.