truecrypt problem 11.4 x64

Has anyone else had this problem? When I mount my truecrypt volumes, either manually or automount of favorites, sometimes I can browse to them and see the files, sometimes the mountpoint appears empty (in Dolphin) - mostly the latter. Also, the truecrypt applet does not seem to respond to either a double click on the listed-as-mounted volume or a right-click/open. This has only happened for me under opensuse 11.4 - others (11.3, Win7, WinXP, Kubuntu 10.10, etc.) don’t have this behavior. Is something different now about the way 11.4 handles mounting of volumes that affects truecrypt?



Using same version on my toshiba and it seems to be working perfectly including sharing with win7 version as am setup for dual boot. I always mount manually.

Yes, I’ve never run into this problem before. I’m flummoxed. Manually mounting seems to work better, but is not 100% reliable… Hmmm…