TrueCrypt fails

I just installed TrueCrypt from the security repo this morning but can’t get it started. I’m getting a “relocation error”:

> truecrypt
truecrypt: relocation error: truecrypt: symbol _ZTV13wxStackWalker, version WXU_2.8 not defined in file with link time reference

WxWidgets is installed. I can’t find much about this on google, is someone here familiar with this?

Has anyone succeeded in installing TrueCrypt 6 in openSUSE 11? What version of wxWidgets do you have?

Unfortunately it seems the Truecrypt6 in the security repository does not work with the Packmans WxWidgets.

If you want to use it you need to remove the Packman’s wxW libraries and install wxGTK from the base install. Alternatively you could download the Truecrypt source RPM and build it yourself.

zypper remove wxWidgets

Should do the job and install wxGTK for you. Note that this may break something else. So tread carefully and at your own risk, of course.

Thanks, that did it.

Have you tried to download the rpm directly from Truecrypt’s website? I’m running openSUSE 11 and that’s how I installed it and it works great.