Troubleshooting Kerberos / Ldap

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement Kerberos and LDAP for my home network server. I used the yast packages to install and configure LDAP + kerberos. The LDAP server is up and running. But my Kerberos server can not start. Kerberos seems to be unable to connect to my LDAP database. I searched through the forums, and I think I found another thread that solves my problem.

I wanted to try this solution first. But I can not find where I change my URI setting as shown in the post. I have checked the yast2 configuration GUI for Kerberos. And I checked under /var/lib/kerberos/krbkdc5/kdc.conf

But no luck. So can someone please tell me where I change the configuration settings for the URI? I’m hoping that will fix my problem. Otherwise, more questions to come.

OpenSuse 11.4, 64 bit.

Ok. So I found the answer to my own question. Read the opensuse documentation a little more thoroughly and found the file under /etc/kdc5.conf. Fixed that. Now my kerberos server is running and talking to the ldap client. Except that now, when I go into Yast and start up the kerberos client, I can not enable kerberos authentication. I switch the settings to use kerberos, click ok, and nothing happens.

Any ideas?



Try this

Cool Solutions: An Introduction to LDAP: Part 2-Using LDAP to Create a User Authentication and File Server for Linux and Windows Clients

and this

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