trouble with wine

Hi! I’ve got a trouble using wine 1.1.29 (the latest version). Having successfully installed, I wrote #wine /windows/C/worms2.exe and what did I saw:
*wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00416606 at address 0x416606 (thread 0009), starting debugger…
What should I do?

First, you should never ever run programs like this as root.
Second, are you sure that the program is supported by Wine?
Check WineHQ - Wine Application Database
There could be problems with the fact that you run it from Windows partition. Maybe it could help if you copy it to /home/user first, but that’s just a tip.

Thanks a lot!!!
I copied file to /usr and it works!!!;)rotfl!

I’d recommend installing it via WINE, that way you can easily set up compatibility/other options if needs-be using winecfg. Attempting to run an installation that was made in Windows could have varying degrees of success depending on what exactly the installer does- for example if it sets up some vital files in a specific Windows location (e.g. some DLLs to a location in Windows’ PATH, or something like that), sets environment variables, or writes necessary stuff to the registry, or some other platform specific action you may have trouble.

CrossOver is known to have problems with ntfs filesystem, and it is built on Wine, so apparently this is a Wine problem as well.

Anyway, why /usr? You have better to copy it as a regular user to your home folder and run it (again as a regular user) from there. In /usr, it could damage your system, as it’s a system folder and you need root privileges to write there.