trouble with sound card

I have a ASUS M3A32 mvp deluxe/wifi that I’m using onboard sound does not like being shared. as long as only 1 app is using the sound function it works, but if i fire up a second app that uses sound, such as a game, amarok or website, that program can’t get access to the drivers. it uses an ADI AD1988 for sound and I can’t find a driver other than whats included in the kernel.

This on opensuse 11 x86_64 gnome

Pulse audio was supposed to solve this problem, but pulse audio is immature and buggy in openSUSE-11. Aside from pulse audio, I believe only the alsa api will allow the sharing of the audio. If you use the gstreamer api (typically used by Gnome users) , then I do not believe you can share. I also believe OSS (the only other sound driver alternative for Linux) will not allow sharing of audio (I am not 100% certain on this). Some openSUSE sound concepts: Sound-concepts - openSUSE

(In fact, some basic openSUSE Linux concepts: Concepts - openSUSE ).

Now I am a KDE user, and I do not use Gnome, so I am not certain how much of my advice will be applicable to Gnome, nor indeed applicable to Gnome with Pulse Audio (instead of gstreamer). … BUT if it were me, with amarok, I would remove the Novell/SuSE-GmbH xine-lib ( install the packman packaged libxine1 at the same time) and also install the packman amaork and packman amarok-xine package. Then I would ensure amarok has the xine engine selected and that the xine engine has the alsa api selected.

I would also ensure all other apps (as many as possible) are selecting the alsa api, and not gstreamer, nor esd, nor aRTs, nor other sound daemons.

Sorry that I can not be more specific. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, KDE does seem to play better with the sound drivers. Just had to play with the wine setting to get it to do what I wanted.