Trouble with installation

I am installing linux on my other computer this one being vista. The other being an XP. I am trying to clear the hard drive and install linux. (First time installing linux.)

I downloaded the openSUSE KDE LiveCD burned the image to a disk. then rebooted my system booting with the disk drive. A green OpenSuse Screen comes the options

openSUSE Live(KDE)
Failsafe settings
Check installation Media
Boot from Hard Disk
Memory Test

I chose the openSUSE Live option.

I get a message “Loading Linux Kernel”. When that completes a Black screen with lots of white words telling me what it was doing.

Once that finishes it displays
Welcome to openSUSE 11.1-kernel

linux login:

If a input root as the login it says
“Have a lot of fun…”

if i press enter


What am I doing wrong? Where is the easy GUI installation.

Something tells me you have either an ATI graphics card, an Nvidia graphics card, or a small amount of RAM. Which graphics card are you using and how much RAM does the machine have?

To attempt to start the GUI type


Good Luck,


512 MB of ram

Graphics card is:
intel(R) 82865G

Ive had lots of trouble with my graphics card in the past. So that may be the problem. Thanks for the help.

Try the vesa option (from F3 I think) at boot menu