Trouble with CUPS

I’ve just installed 11.2 KDE 64bit and I’m having trouble getting CUPS setup. I have a hp5440 deskjet that is not listed but I have used another model in the past with another distro. But when I put in my username and password it doesn’t take it. there is no other password.

How do I set up CUPS? Can I used hplip instead?

How do I get xsane to work? I doesn’t see the hp3500 scanner.

Use hplip instead. Configure the device. Use skanlite for the scanning functions.

Thanks. I set up hplip and when I ran a test print it worked fine and it printed the CUPS Printer Test Page.

But skanlite doesn’t see the hp3500 scanner. It is connected and it scans with Mandriva on my other hdd.

How do I configure skanlite?