Trouble with 13.1 install

I’ve been playing around with 12.3 for a couple of months now, and thought I was comfortable enough with Linux and OpenSUSE to attempt an upgrade once 13.1 came out. Upgrading my laptop went smoothly, except for a nonfunctional touchpad (posted about previously, I’m using the same fix now when I actually need it) which I didn’t notice at first since I use an external mouse at home.

However the upgrade on my desktop has not gone so smooth. I did a new install of 13.1 AMD64 over the 12.3 install, and now when I try to start 13.1, it will get stuck at a black screen with a flashing white dash in the top left corner. The dual-boot with Windows 7 still works, and Windows loads normally.

Computer specs:

Intel Core I5-3570K (was overclocked to 4.2 GHz, reset to stock settings for the upgrade)
2x AMD Radeon HD 7770 Crossfired
500 GB hard drive (Windows 7 installed), 2 1 TB hard drives (data), 80 GB laptop drive (just an extra SATA drive I had laying around I’m using for OpenSUSE)
Connected to Internet using a TP-Link WDN4800 (Atheros-based) wireless card.


When booting linux, hit ‘e’ on the grub2 menu, and add “nomodeset” after the kernel path in the linux command (or perhaps “linuxefi” command). That should get you running, though with crappy graphics.

To have it work nicely, you are going to need the proprietary drivers for your graphics card. You should be able to get by with “nomodeset” while you investigate that.

“Nomodeset” worked to get it going. I just don’t understand what changed. I didn’t need to do this with 12.3. Oh well, once I get the install up to date, then maybe I can figure this out.

Thanks for the help.


Lets see new kernel new drivers new desktop so a few things changed maybe???