Trouble setting up home network


I have 2 computers. 1 running openSUSE and another one running Ubuntu. The only way I managed for each of them to see the shares is through Samba(isn’t this supposed to be NFS?). Now the only problem is with openSUSE. Firewall is blocking the shares. The minute I disable firewall everything is fine, but otherwise openSUSE can’t connect. Is there a workaround for this?(Yes Samba server asked me if I want to open ports and I did)

The firewall in openSUSE is very protective. For Samba there’s a few holes to drill. Have a look at the appendix in this tutorial. It’s covered there:
SuSEfirewall2: HowTo Firewall a Suse / openSUSE Workstation for LAN Network Traffic

You’ll see you should open samba server, netbios server and broadcast tracking.

And regarding the NFS option – you can use that instead. There’s a chapter on NFS in the book that’s installed from the standard repositories. The index page (index.html) should be at this location in your installation/files:
The relevant chapter is 24: Sharing Files with NFS

Before I check out either of them. I would like to know which sharing mode is better? Which one is recommended?

I honestly don’t know which is better. Both work very well. I’m sure you’ll get some very objective replies from others soon.

zolistir87 wrote:

> Before I check out either of them. I would like to know which sharing
> mode is better? Which one is recommended?

For simple file sharing between linuxes in a home network environment I
would rather recommend “fish://” (file share over ssh). It is integrated
into konqueror (I think nautilus can also handle this) and works very well.

Samba is the way to go while sharing other network resources (such as
printers) between linuxes and windows boxes. Also works on “linux to linux”
setup but I find samba a bit hard to setup (firewall settings, usernames
and passwords, file permissions…) and big file transfers are quite slow.

Can’t tell you anything about NFS as I never used before O:-)



Further to what Camaleón wrote, an alternative to “fish://” (file share over ssh)" is sftp: “sftp://user@url” . Note, you must open port#22 in both PC’s firewall.

I use nfs between Linux boxes. It’s faster than samba. But I also setup samba shares for my windows clients.


I think I will stick with NFS and/or Samba. I just want it to be simple. I can share files via both in openSUSE(KDE4). I will check those manuals and come back to you. Thanks for suggestions though.

If you don’t have any windows machines that need access and are just looking to easily share some files, I would recommend NFS. I used it with a local file server for quite some time and found it to be much more useful than samba shares.

I would also recommend nfs if you don’t have windows-systems. It is super easy to setup and really fast.

You could try autofs for network shares, it isn’t that hard and it is like nfs.

I use autofs for my homes which are on a file server with openLDAP.