Trouble networking LXC

No network access from the container. In the container settings, in the NIC, it showed “Host device eth0: Not bridged” and “Host device wlan0: Not bridged.”
I searched“host+device+*+not+bridged”+LXC. As you’ll see, no results were found for the quoted search It showed results without quotes. How could no one have written anything like that on the Internet?
I’ve searched for a solution on the Internet to my problem with no luck.
Any solution?

Is your LXC container managed by libvirt or not?
Another way to understand your setup is whether you installed LXC using the YaST virtualization install module or if you installed LXC some other way.

Networking is set up differently whichever way you install LXC, and however you are managing LXC… by libvirt, previous YaST LXC management or some other way.

If this is brand new and you didn’t install using the YaST install module, I’d recommend you start over and install that way… It’s the way which will be better supported moving into the future, and networking is configured the same as any other libvirt-managed virtualization… using interchangeable and shareable bridge devices, each which can be configured as bridging, NAT or HostOS.


Because I hadn’t taken a look at LXC in openSUSE with libvirt-LXC in awhile, I decided to take a few minutes looking at it…

Unfortunately, when following the current openSUSE community documentation for setting up LXC, networking is broken because a networking device in the container is not installed properly… It looks like although a network device is installed, the required firmware likely isn’t.

At least for now I won’t recommend installing LXC with libvirt unless you’re an experienced LXC user with.
I imagine configuring networking manually with a real (not virtual) network device configuration should work, but using libvirt is currently broken.
And then, although you probably would have a working container, you’d then have a frankenstein setup combining libvirt and non-libvirt methods.

As for your original post,
I don’t know exactly how/where you’re seeing those errors, but they look somehow likely related to a missing configuration between the container and a physical interface… But, at least in my setup I found I didn’t even have a working network device in the container to bridge to a HostOS interface.


After mulling over the openSUSE documentation for setting up LXC in my mind for a couple days,
Several things didn’t make sense to me, and it’s no wonder that a distribution container won’t have any networking… As I described, network device firmware was missing, I speculate because instructions did not make the install aware of the environment the OS was being installed into.

I’ve just looked at the SUSE documentation,
And although I have yet to test it, I believe that following the following instructions should work

Someone can test the new procedure for functionality, completelness and accuracy,
I hope to myself find some time soon.