trouble installing on new laptop

got a new laptop (well, it’s 2nd hand) but it’s a laptop which is the model up from mine i use suse on already. i have a HP compaq 6720s, and the new one is a HPS 6735s. i’ve downloaded and burned the 11.4 iso as an image but it just won’t load. thought it was maybe corrupt but it works on my laptop which is already running suse.

checked in the BIOS and it doesn’t seem to mention boot from dvd drive, though it does say cd drive (but it’s definitely a dvd drive).

is it possible to install from a usb pen drive? if so, how? fat32 won’t take it, as it’s too big a file, and will just putting the .iso file on there mean it’ll work? what file system should i use? ntfs, ext3/4?

please help!! my old laptop is dying on me and can’t be without a linux system.



You can install openSUSE from a usb pen drive, but you can install only the live version and not the installtion DVD. For more details read this
SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

On 04/19/2011 05:06 PM, thestig wrote:
> it just won’t load. thought it was maybe corrupt but it
> works on my laptop which is already running suse.

“just won’t load” is not much for us to go on…i mean:

can you boot the DVD? (is that what you mean by load?)
it is a DVD right?
but, is it a 32 bit or 64 bit DVD?
and is your machine a 32 or 64? (if your machine is 32 and you try to
boot a 64 bit DVD i don’t know what happens, but it won’t be a smile maker)

did you check the install iso for errors by checking its md5sum before
burning the image to disk?

and did you burn at the slowest possible speed?

and then did you do this do this before
install attempt?

ok, so say we know it checks out perfect on your old machine but it
will not boot on the new one–then we have to assume the new machine’s
DVD drive is toast–at least as far as booting a DVD, so try a CD…or,
if you wanna jump to a pen drive try this:

by the way, how are you sure it is a DVD drive in the new machine if the
BIOS says it is a CD?

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sorry for not being very clear. by not loading i meant that it would “freeze” at the BIOS screen and not boot, even if left for several minutes. i managed to get around it by clicking on the DVD from within windows, which installed something which opened at boot which asked if i wanted to load suse disc. i put the disc it at that point and was able to boot the dvd from there. however, it didn’t install GRUB properly so i had to use super grub disc to fix that but all appears ok now except my wifi doesn’t appear to work…that’s another thread i’ll have to make.

thanks guys!!!