Trouble initializing Belkin wireless PCI card

I tried the live CD version of Suse 11.0 gnome and was able to configure my wireless connection without any trouble at all. Upon doing a fresh install of the OS, I can configure the card to be seen by the OS as well as ping the gateway with it, but I am unable to get out to the internet. Ifup and ifdown appear to work, but still nothing past the gateway. I was also able to search for wireless networks by using the connection icon in the system tray on the Live CD, but I am not able to see (or find) the connection icon on the full install. I’m certain that its something simple. Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!

What method did you use ifup or networkmanger?
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I just saw your reply. I will give it a try and reply back!

It worked like champ! Thank you, Bryan!