Trouble in setting up WLAN printing for HP Envy 4525

Hey there,

I am having trouble setting up my HP Envy 4525 printer/scanner device for WLAN use on Leap 42.3. I installed the HP drivers from the repo and installed the printer/scanner via hp-setup script as intended. It works with USB plugged in, and the install process detected the IP address correctly. But when I re-run hp-setup with the IP of the printer, it tells me that no device can be found. Firewall is deactivated.

I know that this printer is supported, because on Manjaro Linux it installed for WLAN use without any issues (same process; hp-setup with USB, hp-setup again without USB on the IP of the printer).

Any ideas?

Can you ping the printer by IP address successfully? Report back with the output demonstrating this.

Here the Printer/Scanner is running fine, with hp-setup and USB first time, after that with hp-setup and Wlan second time as said in the Install Docu.

I do not use hplip from the OSS Repo, I use hplip from Printing Repo:

Also I use a static IP for the Printer after Install.

Pinging the device is successful:

232 packets transmitted, 232 received, 0% packet loss, time 230999ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.032/0.052/0.066/0.010 ms

(I also use a static IP)

Ok, run


just to see if there are any problems detected/reported.

The printing repo contains a newer hplip version (currently 3.17.9). Perhaps this is worth trying as Sauerland has suggested (although I’m not aware of problems with the 3.16.11 version).