Trouble connecting to the internet SuSe 10.3 gnome

Am a complete Linux newbie n just recently gettin in on the open source movement!
i’ve just installed myself a fresh copy of openSuSe 10.3 gnome version and i am finding myself in deep waters already!! :o

Can anyone tell me if SuSe 10.3 supports network connection via the USB?
i have a UT-300R2 ADSL Modem connected via USB which inspite of being detected by the system as a “Wired Connection” does not provide access to the internet! :confused:
Is there any additional network connection setup step i need to perform like in Windows?
i’ve tried almost every possible utility in YAST to resolve the problem but of no awail!
Whats the next logical step other than gettin myself a LAN Cable?..:mad: