Trouble connecting to repos after 13.2 install

Zypper can’t access the repos after an upgrade from 13.1 -> 13.2. Upgrade went smoothly, and no issues downloading the packages. However, after reboot into 13.2, zypper can’t connect to the repos, giving the following error:

sudo zypper up
root's password:
Download (curl) error for '':
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: Failed to connect to port 80: No route to host

However, I can access that URL from a browser … This also means I can’t access third party repos :frowning:

Is there something wrong with my configuration, or is this happening to others?

You are not alone here, in fact I had this on Factory, 13.2RC1, GM and current 13.2. On 13.1 however still working fine. The other workaround is to change to other mirror, by paste and run your the current repo url in the browser and find other mirror from the ‘details’. Just make sure not to include the /content at the end of the url, make it only at the /oss will do.

I always do an old school hack before i resort to finding a local mirror manually.
Add this line in the file /etc/hosts

It works for me all the time but it is not a 100% solution but hey, it does not hurt to try :slight_smile:

definitely I am going to try it, and I wonder belongs to who? can it to be use from other regions? thanks.

Just to update the above is working and I am able to use repo at as normal.