Triple booting Windows, Ubuntu and openSUSE

Right now I am really considering a triple bot of openSUSE, Ubuntu and Windows 7 Professional.
I think its a good idea as Ubuntu’s bugs are numerous but I like it for the packages.
The main purpose of openSUSE is for stability really, but I also want to keep windows.
Now using my primary drive is out of the question, as my primary drive already has four partitions.
One of windows, one for its system restore, one for ubuntu and one for my home.
So I am thinking of installing openSUSE on my secondary drive that only has files on it.
I mean its not really a bad idea methinks, but will I have issues doing this?
I never attempted a triple boot before.

It should be fine if you set grub like this

Thanks for the tip.I may actually give the gnome shell version of openSUSE a shot this round, as even though I hate gnome shell with a passion I am wondering if my netflix bug will be squashed by using I was able to install the .rpms for netflix-desktop and wine silverlight but none seemed to work under KDE.And I know sometimes KDE can goof some things up

Sorry but Netflix is not my thing. I don’t even have a TV either.

Well, that’s not KDE “goofing” things up, it’s Netflix not providing decent native linux packages. It shouldn’t be much of an issue, they provide packages for Android, so the major part is done.
On Silverlight: M$ declared it dead, so why would developpers invest their precious volunteer time on it?
On topic: I’ve always regarded it as a kind of safety measure to have a second instance of openSUSE, or an install of some other distro, on another disk. These days I don’t bother about it anymore. A couple of USB sticks, some ISO’s and I can boot almost anything.

Yeah hopefully the move to html5 will make netflix viable on linux.
As for wine silverlight, its a good workaround as long as you got ubuntu.
Other distros seem not to be able to use it.