Triple Boot


I’m trying to Triple Boot my MacBook pro(Mac OS, Win 7, and opesSUSE).

I installed Mac, Win, and openSUSE last.

I have a few questions here:

  1. Do I use GRUB or LILO?

  2. Do I select “Root Partition in sda3”?

  3. After installing the openSUSE, the rEFIt Menu become weird:

I enter Win selectioon, and then there’s Grub selection again.

  1. I enter Linux selection, and there’s also Windows selection at the Grub.
  2. Is my swap files working?



I had a triple boot setup, with XP, and two other linux distros.

I use GRUB and found it much easier to simply let SUSE configure this.

When going into XP I too had a second GRUB come up, from a previous install of Ubuntu and some boot.ini entries. If you check boot.ini on the Win setup and make sure only paths to windows are listed it should boot straight in rather than giving options…

You can inspect what is used for swap with

/sbin/swapon -s

is there anyway i can have a easier boot manu?

like “Mac”, “Windows”, “opensuse”, that can go straght to the OSes?


On 2010-07-06 09:36 GMT asnbd wrote:

> is there anyway i can have a easier boot manu?
> like “Mac”, “Windows”, “opensuse”, that can go straght to the OSes?

Edit the menu to your liking >:-)

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” GM (Elessar))

Use GAG, you can multiboot 9 OS with it, It has a gui and a number assigned for a particular operating system but you need to be wise to note down # of every boot partition and add that accordingly. It is a small program but very useful for multibooting. Try and keep data partition separate so that you wont loose anything in case of failures.

avenuemax wrote:
> Use GAG, you can multiboot 9 OS with it,

only 9? see: “How to install and boot 145 operating systems in a PC”

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putting 137 linux distro on 1 machine doesnt make a sense (the guy must be a pensioner). You can catagories 4-5 variants in Linux and use those. The person here asked for a simple tool that can boot the OS of his choice without having to go thru multiple chain loaders.

>>Edit the menu to your liking >:-)


But how? I’m a newbie in Linux, so could you be more specific?

Thanks in advance.



I’m making my iMac triple boot. So I was suggested to use rEFIt as the boot menu. Any suggestions on how to make the rEFIt boot menu not nesting a GRun inside it?


Easy way do it in Yast. Harder way (not much) edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst as root. Simply change the order or tell which item is to be the default.

Install suse last and get fdisk -l, check the boot partitions, go to yast-system-bootloader, hit add and click other system. name the section like Mac or Windows and mark the partition that you wish to add for a triple boot. Hit ‘OK’ and leave.

so i have to use yast-system bootloader? can i edit “refit.conf” since i’m using refit as my boot loader?

if possible, how do i edit the refit.cong?



You can also throw in the installation CD, go to repair, and reinstall your bootloader (Grub 0.97) to your MBR, after this you should have one single boot menu to list all OS’s, as long as you went to the boot.ini win files as previously suggested. If you don’t like the way it lists your OS’s, the necessary changes can be made in your menu.lst file.

Hope this helps…


thanks. i’ll give it a try when the 11.3 is out.

thanks again’


is it possible for me to upload the menu.lst and for you to take a quick look or maybe edit to it? it’s my first time trying to use a linux and i have no idea how to make them running…



as root

cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

copy out put and paste here


But I’m using rEFIt as the Boot Loader. “Mac”, “Win”, “openSUSE”.

So do I send you the “refit.conf” or “menu.lst”?

Thanks in advance.


Ok I know nothing about eEFIt. But let me restate the problem.

Booting into the eEFIt boot manager it chains to the grub boot abd thus shows a menu. You don’t want this. You want it to go straight to the OS.
If this is correct you could simple set the default timeout to autoboot to 1 sec. this would flash the grub screen but would start the default grub boot option almost immediately.

So we would need to see menu.lst

become root in a console then
cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

post out put

>>If this is correct you could simple set the default timeout to autoboot to 1 sec.

So are you saying that by setting the default timeout to autoboot to 1 sec. all problem is solved?

I have checked the refit.conf, it’s shouldn’t be too difficult to edit , and the menu.lst.

i’m downloading the openSUSE 11.3, and will try them later, will get the refit.conf and menu.lst and post on the forum, hopely the problem can be saved.