Triple Boot?

Where can I find an easy tutorial on triple booting Windows XP, Ubuntu, and OpenSuse? I hav XP installed right now. And do you think this is a good idea?::expressionless:

The principle for tripple boot is much the same as dual.

Just remember that the Last OS you install will control booting. I never bother with all this multiple OS installs anymore - With Virtual Box performing so well and everyone has sufficient RAM these days, I just use Virtual Box.

There could be a need for you to have a Full XP install with openSUSE, but I’m not sure why you would want to add another Distro too.

my 2 cents

Well I don’t know how to do a dual boot either.
And I want both opensuse and ubuntu because I like some features of each. And I want to keep xp for compatibility.
What’s virtualbox?


Here is windows xp running in SUSE](

This deals with install and focus is on booting with XP
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

Aren’t emulators slow?
I’ll try tomorrow.
Meh… It’s midnight here. :stuck_out_tongue: EDIT: So today morning?
I’m assuming there’s a version of VirtualBox for WinXP
How’s the performance?
I have 2GB RAM.
This computer was actually meant for Vista; I installed XP.
Its running fast.
How fast will Ubuntu and OpenSUSE go?
Sorry for non cohesive writing but I’m sleepy.

Yes you can install Virtual Box in XP and run Linux in XP
Downloads - VirtualBox

Slow. No. With 2GB you should be fine.
Though I find Virtual Box performs better when the Host is Linux.
I always use a fixed size virtual drive.

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