Triple boot with WIndows 7, OpenSuse and Ubuntu 9.04


Was wondering if someone could help me with a right mess I have got myself in.

I have been keen to try out OpenSuse 11.1 for some time now, I have been a Ubuntu user for a year and wanted the best of both, so went on a journey to install all 3 on my laptop.

My laptop had Windows 7 on it and within the disk management I shrunk my 320gb drive to 250gb, so had 70gb to install my linux distros which I separated so both had 35gb each.

Once I had shrunk this, i then installed Suse 11.1. it installed fine, once I restarted I had a green bootloader, suse was the first option and it had windows in there. Both booted fine when there selection was chosen.

I then installed Ubuntu, and that identified I had 2 OS’s on there, I chose auto configure assuming it would use the unallocated 35gb remaining space to install itself on.

Once I booted up though it goes straight into windows, I have lost the boot loader that Suse installed.

Can anyone advise me on how I can get the two working? If I can manage to get one working, I would be grateful but would prefer to use open suse.


Have you put the openSuse dvd back in and attempted a boot loader repair? I assume both linux flavors are booting from / or do you have a /boot partion on either linux flavor?

Some good repair info here:
HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive

All About Grub - openSUSE

The steps should be:
1: get dual booting going for openSUSE & windows
2: add Ubuntu into the openSUSE bootloader

So concentrate on#1 first. How you proceed depends on whether you installed openSUSE by using an installation DVD or by using the Live CD for openSUSE.

Which media did you use to install openSUSE – install DVD or Live CD?

See Grub From the Ground Up
for a detailed discussion of grub and multi-booting.