Triple Boot/Triple Drives

Hello everyone. First post here. I’ve just downloaded PCLinuxOS 2009.1 and openSUSE 11.1. I’m wanting to do a triple boot using three drives. I have Vista on hd0 (sda), Ubuntu on hd1 (sdb), and I want to install other linux distros (one at a time) on hd2 (sdc) just to try them out.

My question is…when I install openSUSE on hd2 (sdc), will its bootloader give me (rather easily) the option to install it on /dev/sdc1?

I’m wanting to install the bootloader into partition 1 also so that all I will have to do is edit my /boot/grub/menu.lst on hd1 (sdb) to chose an OS at boot.

Thanks. Gary

Either use a live distro cd and partition everything first or use the expert option when you come to the partitioning in the opensuse install. Either way you can change the installation options and mount points there.
As a tip, create a separate /home partion that you can use for your user data. That way you can access any stored files from all the installed distros.

Vista is no distro, and cannot access linux partitions by itself.

Anyway, Vista needs to be installed first. openSUSE as well as Ubuntu will configure the bootloader for the other 2 OS’s as well. There is one problem: new kernels. They change the menu.lst of their own install…