Trinity + kwin_x11 --replace

or /usr/bin/kwin_x11 does not work. It just freezes the desktop mostly. I can get out with ctrl alt double backspace though. In 13.2 there was an entry for kde 4 kwin in the settings for the window decoration in Trinity but it is not present for plasma 5 in leap. I could put in compiz but kwin worked well and was easy and it seems that a lot of the options are missing or incompatible with each other or just don’t work plugins settings manager etc with compiz.

Anybody know a quick easy fix?

are you truing to do run kde3 with kwin5 as it’s window manager a qt3 app on top of qt5.5.1?
I’m pretty sure that’s not possible
you can still install and use kde4’s window manager
another option is openbox it does support kde (plasma5 and kde4 not sure about kde3) it will register itself as an alternative to kwin
we still have vanilla kde3 for opensuse
is there any difference between trinity and kde3?

If you still run kde3 I’d recommend openbox instead of kde4’s kwin as it’s a lot lighter

If i understand you correctly I am trying to run Trinity which is a fork of Kde 3 with the “Kde 5” window manager instead of the TDE (Trinity) window manager because it is an easy way to get the desktop effects. Trinity like Kde 3 does not have them. There seems to be no complete compiz solution. Apparently you are telling me that you don’t think I can do that but I can install the “Kde 4” window manager and use that. Can I install that alongside “Kde 5” or will that cause a conflict?

It’s not a big deal but I like to be able to run a 3d desktop if I want to.

Thanks for the help.

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it’s an interesting way to get desktop effects on kde3
well kwin from kde4 is still available, you may need kdebase4 installed to get the config window, try

zypper in kdebase4 kwin

That worked and I got Tde and Mate both running with Kde4 kwin but without any 3d effects. Just the window decoration.

What do I do to get the effects running and with the ability to choose and configure them?

you’re probably missing some kde4 try installing a bit more of kde4

zypper in kdebase4-session kdebase4-workspace kdebase4-runtime kdelibs4support kscreen konsole4-part kdm 

I tried running kwin --replace and that didn’t give me any effects but choosing kwin from the options for the window manager in the Trinity control panel where it now appears has. I still don’t have a way to choose or configure them that I know of though.

see if kdesystemsettings is installed, there should be a menu item named System Settings, or try running in a console


kde4 system settings (needed to configure the effects) is in kdebase4-workspace-addons so install that one too

zypper in kdebase4-workspace-addons

Can’t do this. It conflicts with Plasma 5.

well yes you can’t have both kde4 and plasma5 installed at the same time unless you’re using wolfi’s plasma5 packages
well you only need kdebase4-workspace-addons for ksettings and maybe kdebase4-workspace, try installing only those 2

zypper in kdebase4-workspace-addons kdebase4-workspace 

if not to avoid conflicts you will need to get plasma5 from here

zypper in kdebase4-workspace-addons kdebase4-workspace 

Now it wants to rip into my Plasma 5 installation.

if not to avoid conflicts you will need to get plasma5 from here

I may try that at a later date but for now I think I’ll wait on that. Thanks for your help up to this point.

Well, in xfce on Leap 42.1 running “kwin_x11 --replace” works
with all the effects. No need to install kde4.

Hummmbah. Hmm I unconditionally updated the Kde 5 patterns and voila. Now it works.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get plasma widgets and personalized Konqueror places into TDE.

That was a joke.
Well no it wasn’t.