Trinity Amarok

Anybody know how to get Trinity Amarok to play mp3s? It says the xine engine claims it cannot play mp3s.

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Sorry I just though of something.

Ever since Leap I feel like I"m flying through the air waving my arms in the air with absolutely no control over what’s happening.

I know this is a Trinity issue though.

well you need to do a full vendor change to packman and install libxine2-codecs (this package does not exist in OSS)
do you have packman? tell us your repo’s

zypper lr -d

if you have packman do a vendor change to it, then install libxine2-codecs

zypper in libxine2-codecs

afiak the Qt4 version of amarok version 2.8 should work under Qt3 desktops, did you try the current version of amarok from OSS (with gstreamer from packman)

Ok. Entire System vendor change for one player on one desktop. I have Packman and I can do it. It’s just a matter of deciding whether I want to.

The other Amarok will run in Trinity. It just won’t integrate into Konqueror.


… uh, don’t you mean “… Leaping through the air …”? lol!