Trimming logs in /home partition - what is correct housekeeping approach?

I have retained my /home partition on a separate partition through quite a few upgrades, culminating in my new installation of Tumbleweed.
I have just noticed that I have, hidden in my home directory the directory .y2log.
This has accumulated data from 2015 onwards. I am inclined to trim this log file as so much is irrelevant now but I ask if there is a recognised housekeeping procedure to address this and are there likely to be other data accumulating from previous systems not just in my home directory but on the whole partition.

I have no .y* directory, you can check the date of the files (ls -la or ll) or cat the file to see the last time it was written to, then delete as required…

The main config files are really in .cache .local and .config then application specific ones eg .bashrc, .history, .profile you really need to look at each one and decide. Other ones are the likes or .icons, .fonts and .themes for me (on GNOME).

I have no .y* directory…

It’s a file. I have it on a completely fresh install less than 2 months old.

Here’s the only official documentation I can find:

I didn’t see any mention of “housekeeping”, so I guess you just delete it when desired.

There’s no “.y2log” in my home directory.

Perhaps it’s from using the update applet. I never use that. It is probably safe to remove.

Perhaps it’s from using the update applet.

Could be. The logs start a couple days after I installed GNOME, which introduced the updater, and there have been no log entries since I disabled the updater.